Chris has been editing routines since 2013 and at first it was mainly just for his own competition pieces. Once word got out of his skill with editing, rearranging, and adding to songs, people came to him usually when they couldn’t figure out how to make a transition work.

In 2016 he came across something he has never done before, basically create a song from scratch. It took him over 40 hours, 28 different tracks of audio, and 12 versions before he got the final product. Below is the original version (Mainly piano and vocals) and the edited version via YouTube links.

Original Version

Edited Version

Once people found out what he did, they were amazed! In January 2017 Chris decided to start offering to edit as a service and has now edited at least 25+ routine songs for people like Ben Morris and Victoria Henk, Tony Schubert and Larisa Tingle, Matt Richey and Samantha Buckwalter, Ben and Cameo, and more.

He is now known as one of the best editors in the swing community and hopes to continue to get better at molding songs so that way people can express their creativity the best they can.

*Not all routines I have edited are online via YouTube or other platforms. Once the performers or events post said routines I will add them to the list*